March 10, 2009

The other 2 Wild Women Brooches

Here are the 2 other Wild Women Brooches which I received in the swap last September - The first one is called "Kinky Kamiko" she is beautiful and the more you look the more detail there is... her hair is wool and very effective and there are beads all down her "lapels" and also along the hem of her kimono and on her "hair piece". The other brooch is from a lady in UK (She is in the same group as the purply one at the top in my previous post dated 26th Feb 2009) - I love and wear them all :-D
I had an absolute ball at the Free Embroidery Worshop 1st Day last Friday ... a bit warm (33°c and only ocelating fans there) but I didn't have time to worry about it as we spent the morning doing sun dyeing and the afternoon preparing for Dispersal dyeing ... part 2 of the dispersal dyeing will be on Friday April 3rd ... I did remember to take a few pics and will get on and load them on this computer later in the week so that I can show you all..... I also must remember to take a pic of the 2 ATC's which I received last week ... one from Beryl in the UK -she was the winner of my neck purse in the "One World- One Heart" giveaway and it was sent in the most gorgeous card which I must take a pic of too.... the other ATC was from my friend Mary ... a fantastic needle lace one ..... stay tuned for the pics....

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Jacq said...

I love your "Wild Women", they are so fun to make.