July 17, 2009

Free Machine Embroidery Workshop

Hi All
Here are some pics from the Free Machine Embroidery workshop which I attend each month ... in the first workshop in March we Sun dyed fabric ... in April we did dispersal dyes and did some sample free machine embroidery work, in May we did machining onto the sun dyed fabrics ... and in June we did more embroidery with couched cords and satin stitch lines - pics to follow and this month we cut up a piece of the dispersal dyed fabric and arranged it in a design pinned to tulle and dissolvable fabric - machining "lace" between the pieces... pics of this to come to as they are still in the camera.
Only 10 sleeps to go until I leave for my 6 week trip to the UK .... I have been madly working the last couple of weeks on my competition piece for the end of September (Australian Lace Guild Conference week in Brisbane) ..... hence why I have been so quiet on this blog! I have popped by occasionally to visit fave blogs but have been to pooped in the evenings to spend too much time on the computer and of course at the moment we are watching the Tour De France which is televised live and the time itstarts on TV here is between 8pm and 10pm (as we are 7 hours ahead to GMT). Well it's about to start so ... comfy chair time hehe!

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Anna said...

Hi,All your work are really exquisite.Instead of just posting the Photos of the work you give a small write up about the embroidery such as the stitch name ,number of strands of thread so on....Just a suggestion.Dont mistake me.

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