October 21, 2009

More Wild Women brooches

Hi - I still haven't found the time to load all my holiday pics onto this comuter - but here are a couple of photo's I loaded on before I went away but didn't post (explanation below ...read on...). The first 2 were given to me for my Birthday by my friend Colleen - she was only supposed to make 1 but she made the one on the left first using some of her hand made Bedfordshire bobbin lace and she wasn't happy with it so she crocheted the fluffy one on the right and she gave them both to me ... I think they are both fabulous and have worn them several times! The 3 in the other pic were made by me ... but they haven't been posted until now as they were gifts - the one on the left with blue shoes was for my friend Judy's Birthday back in June, the one in the middle was for my Blog friend Pat when I met her for the first time in London at the end of July and the pink one was for my friend Maureen whose Birthday was in early August. (In case you don't remember our project at my Stitchety Grubs Embroidery Group this year was to make each other a wild woman brooch for our Birthday's LOL :-) - there are a couple more pics of yet more Wild Women - some of whom were given as gifts whilst in the UK - I will pop them on the next post.


Arty Lady's blog said...

Just gorgeous. What a lovely group you have, sounds like a lot of fun.

Jacq said...

Your wild women are wonderful!