November 12, 2009

Jewelled Jemz Neckpurse and Jelly Roll

Hi - Confession time - I still haven't had the chance to load on the pics from my travels ... I've been busy painting bobbins for the upcoming West Aus Lace Guild Cattern's Day Fair on Nov 28th and also working on several emailed bobbin orders that I have received as well as running my son around who is in the middle of Year 12 TEE exams and working on other crafty things in the studio.... I had a lovely surprise the day before yesterday when I had a parcel in the letterbox ... couldn't think what it would be ...I had totally forgotten my Blog friend Pat in the UK had said she would send me a booklet on using "rusting powder" (She had given me a pot of it when I met up with her at the V&A in London at the end of July) ... and bless her also in the parcel was an spangled ebony Lace bobbin ... just gorgeous - thanks Pat :-) ... you spoil me :-)
The pics above are: a little embroidery for one of 3 Jewelled Jemz neck purses which I made to colour co-ordinate with my (suitcase) wardrobe for my UK trip and the other pic is a Jelly Roll of fabric which I got in April when I was on my Wire Lace teaching trip to Adelaide - there was a lovely Quilt shop opposite a lace meeting which I went to in Strathalbyn ... no idea what I will do with it but just loved the colourway and had to have it haha! Oh and thank you to all of you who stop by this blog and visit - for ages I was stuck on 99 countries on my counter but now have clocked 100 woo hoo! hehe!


Pat said...

My pleasure, I seem to remember being thoroughly spoilt by you when we met!!

Heather said...

Thanks for visiting my blog - glad you liked my pics of Wells Cathedral. Love your little jewelled piece and those fabrics are so gorgeous it's almost a shame to use them!

Tom said...

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