August 8, 2010

Kumihimo Braid workshop in Japan

Hi All - Here are a few pics from my recent Kumihimo Workshop in Japan... The first pic shows the 2nd Braid that I made during the 3 and a half day workshop .... It's about to be started on the Kakudai that I was using - the Tama (bobbins) are wound ....ready to go... the second pic shows the purple and lime green braid I started late on day 2 - it's called "Dogwood" - has little flowers formed on it! and the third pic shows the lady from USA who was sitting next to me on my right - Lauren - like me she is also a lace maker who works with Wire! Hi Lauran if you're reading this :-) oh and we were making all the braids in beautiful Japanese silks- fabulous thread! mm mm!


Arty Lady's blog said...

Very nice indeed and thanks for introducing me to kumihimo.
Did you happen to get names of silk/yarn suppliers in Japan? I think I'm ready to experience with authentic (and probably, more expensive) thread.

Tahli Kornhauser said...

Hi there, where did you do this braid workshop? I am really interested in doing one in Japan! Thanks :)