March 24, 2012

Textile projects from a photo part 2

First photo shows backgrounds - 3 cream cotton fabric pieces and a pre-dyed (orange and yellow!) piece of silk scarf painted with fabric paints and "Lumiere's" .... the next pic shows a version of the photo enlargement - done with hand felting (single needle - very therapeutic haha) using wool and silk tops on a blue Duster cloth (Hi Pat hehe - yep - still using those you sent me a few years ago :D) since this pic was taken - I have started to embellish the "rocks" with tiny beads....The "bits" on the left are coloured (and opened out) "Paper String" ... which you will see in a future blog entry as I have used them on one of the painted cream material backgrounds ......Then an interpretation using "Angelina fibres" -and in the 3rd pic you can see the black material version which was made by using a piece of polystyrene foam (like meat trays - though this was actually a "corn on the cob" tray from Woollies!) I flipped the image and used an old biro to emboss the design into the polystyrene (learnt to do this in a workshop last August with the lovely Sherrill Kahn from USA - then Lumiere paints were sponged onto it and then it was "stamped" onto the plain black fabric ......more to come as to what this ended up being :D - Geez - I'm such a tease LOL! haha
(Oh and Hi to my lace making and embroidery mate Gillian B - who I caught up with today at the WA Lace Day and so sweetly told me how much she enjoys following my blog - yay! there's at least 2 people out there who read it - Hi to Christie too :D) ... stay tuned for more .....
(and if this is the first time you've visited my blog the photo used as reference is in the previous entry to this one :D)

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Tiger C said...

Hi to you as well Britt and thanks for following my blog as well! Love the idea of embossing into black poly meat trays and using them as stamps, I'll have to add this to my "to do" list.