March 8, 2012

White Kumihimo braid

Hi All - well we are into Autumn here in Western Australia - though someone forgot to tell Mother Nature as it was in the high 30's last weekend and tomorrow and for the next 3 days (over this coming weekend) it's going to be 38/39 degrees! Here are some pics of the braid I got underway last week to take to Kumihimo group - I ordered a book from Nordic Needle in USA which has not only 12 (advanced) Marudai (Round stand) patterns but also 30 patterns for the Kakudai (Square stand) and some patterns for the "Ayetakadai". The 3rd pic shows the whole Kakudai - it's a mini one that I bought when I did the Kumihimo workshop in Japan in July 2010 - I believe that this book is the only one in print at the moment that has Kakudai patterns in it - so it is good to be able to start using my Kakudai :) I did end up restarting this braid 4 times though haha - at the end of the group meeting it measured about 30 cms yay!

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Jacq said...

Great job, this looks interesting and fun to do.