April 22, 2008

"Kanthas style" ATC's

Hi - Hooray - Blogger let me load my pics tonight though it took 38 seconds each one rather than the usual 12-15 seconds! Anyway here are a couple of ATC's I made. Last Friday I went to the monthly West Aus Lace Guild Lace Day where we were having an ATC swap .... a few ladies participated ... one of which I hadn't swapped with before .... and I got 2 others from a couple of other friends who have been getting addicted to making them haha ! I have led them astray! I still have these two (they were the only ones just with embroidery - no lace on) along with quite a few others. I had a great weekend - Saturday I had my fortnightly Lacecargot Lace Group meeting and Sunday was my 23rd Wedding Anniversary and hubby gave me a pearl necklace (Pearls from Broome) ...I will try and get around to taking a pic of it later this week (along with some pics of my new ACT's, both the ones I made and newly swapped ones). Yesterday I didn't get much in the way of "fun stuff" done as I had bobbin orders to paint and today I spent 4 hours altering my sons friends Footy shirt (Aussie rules footy that is and the shirts need to be fairly well fitting so that the opposition can't grab handfuls of them) ... I had also altered my sons last Friday and on Saturday morning! Glad that's done phew!

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Dot said...

These are really beautiful!