April 26, 2008

Camera on the fritz!

Hi All - went to take a pic of a weed in our garden - hubby discovered it down the side of the house ... has very pretty leaves so is probably extremely noxious! anyway my Olympus camera didn't want to play :-( didn't matter what I did but the button you depress to take the picture did nothing it pushes down and you can hear the camera trying to do something but nah! zilch!
It is 5 years old now and I have been thinking about getting a new one but then decided that this one worked perfectly well so why would I now it doesn't ... I will be going out this week to get one. I had an Olympus mju410 and am now looking at and Olympus mju840 (released in Australia in February - so quite up to date!). I was painting a bobbin order this morning and this afternoon I was working on my competition piece (for next year) whilst watching DVD's... I have the lettering to do on those bobbins tomorrow morning (after the ironing - yik!) and then I will take the piece of bobbin lace off the pillow which I completed today ...gotta let it rest for 24 hours- whilst the threads relax! LOL! :-D

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