July 10, 2008

Lace, Roos and walking

Hi All - First of all here are a couple of pics ... one of a piece of Bedfordshire lace - a motif which I did in an AGM workshop years ago ... designed by my friend Liz Ligetti who was the tutor - a great workshop that one I have very fond memories haha! The other pic is of my 2nd ever piece of Needlelace - the flower based on an Ann Collier piece and I "fudged" the bee. yep I do wear it from time to time - I wear all my lace jewellery!
I have started walking with a friend every Thursday ... this was the 4th week today but she was looking after her grandkids so I went on my own. We had been walking 8kms along the local "cliff path"
(I live 2 kms from the Indian Ocean)and it has been taking us an hour and 12 mins (she is faster and fitter than me so I am the slow coach!) ... I didn't go quite as far as the weather was a bit iffy and rain was threatening but still did 50 mins altogether! so I feel proud haha! I saw 2 wild Kangaroos in the "scrub" - the first week I went I had seen one but today it had a "friend" LOL :-) I was the only person on the path initially and they both gave me a funny look - they obviously weren't impressed with my intrusion! on the return trip there was only 1 there. (The pic here was taken either by my daughter or her friend (who was visiting from the UK back in April) - it was taken at our Perth Zoo).


Genie said...

Hope your colds better. love the brooches, and the Roo.

Miss 376 said...

Absolutely stunning, you should be proud to wear it