July 15, 2008

Needle lace Nefertiti

Hi All - Well here are a few pics (at last!) In the first you can see the goodies which I bought at the big Craft Fair here in Perth back at the end of May ... I wanted to stock up with Angelina fibres .... I got a few bags to replace dwindling supplies plus a couple of new ones - I am weak what can I say? haha! Also as you can see there is a pack with 3 little Shiva (Markal) sticks - I do have 3 others in the studio but they are big ones(and different colours) which will take me forever to get through but I liked the idea of these 3 'specially the gorgeous blue at the top! There was a stall selling little bags of flower "Lace Motifs" - $2 Aussie dollars a bag ... bargain and great for ATC's as well as crazy patch. I also bought some Textiva Fusible film cos it was pretty and shiny haha! and restocked on little square beads which I like to use in the Wire Bobbin Lace jewellery and I use them in the kits which I make up for my students.
There are 2 big Craft Fairs each year and the second one is in 2 1/2 weeks time - I am demonstrating with the Lacecargot Lace Group (on behalf of the West Australian branch of the Aus Lace Guild) all day on Saturday 2nd
August - Though I will be snoofying off at 1pm as I have put my name down with Dale of the Thread Studio to do her hand's on "Ratty Tatty Papers" workshop which will be playing with Lutradur, Gossamer Fuse, Moonshadow mists and more on papers and fabrics - layer bonding and burning!.... rather intriguing as I have read about these but never used them... (am verrrry excited hehe!). The next 2 pics are of my Needlelace Nefertiti which I have mentioned in earlier posts every single stitch is a buttnhole stitch (wouldn't mind a dollar for each haha!) There are 4 shades of threads on her face and at one point I had 7 needles on the go!
At my embroidery group - "Stitchety Grubs" for this year's project we decided to do embroidery with the themes of a favourite country ...as you can guess I chose Egypt and am doing several things of which this Nefertiti is the first - there will be more pics of this Nefrititi in her stages in subsequent blogs ...so stay tuned :-)


Denise Aumick said...

Wow! This work looks great. Some of the best 'painted' textile work I've seen.

Genie said...

Beautiful Work.

Miss 376 said...

This looks stunning

Jennifer Rose said...

that is just gorgeous!