July 26, 2008

New computer next week

Hello, hello..... well we are not going to be revamping the old computer - we are getting one built and it should be ready around this Thursday - with all our old info loaded on to yay! So I will be able to update you all with pictures real soon.
I went to the Western Australian Lace Guild AGM today ...saw lots of lace friends ...ate homemade cakes and bikkies and drank tea...dirty job but someone's gotta do it!haha!
I was naughty and bought myself a pair of bobbins made by John Law ( he makes absolutely super bobbins) they are African Blackwood with an insert of swirly goldy acrylic...will take a pic and put on here next week!
Ron gave a talk on how he makes the various bobbins which was very interesting.
Next weekend is the 3 day Craft Fair here in Perth that Sarah Lawrence (UK) is coming to ...she wrote the "Wild Women" brooches book...I have made 5 wild women brooches ...one for myself, one for Dale (The Thread Studio) and 3 to swap... there will be a display at the craft fair ...can't wait to see everybody's! :-) (if you hav ebeen reading Dale's blog you will know Sarah is staying in Dale's Studio!
I have booked into a "Hands on workshop" called Ratty Tatty Papers with Dale and am really looking forward to it on Saturday when I am at the show all day with my friends from the lacecargot lace group...we are demonstrating all day (except from1-2pm when I nip off to do Dale's workshop! I will try not to spend too much money at the show haha!
I went to Dale's last tuesday andbought some more Lumiere paints...i am really into the at the moment so decided to restock whilst delivering the brooches. I also took my daughter for lunch as she works down in Perth City.
I made the mistake of going into Borders book shop... I usually check out the bargain table and there was a book called "An Encylopedia of Egyptian Artifacts" not a big book but very heavy in weight...printed on good stock with the most disgustingly wonderful pictures in it ... very worth a drool! It was only AUS$11.99 - am soooo pleased with it as you know I am working on Egypt as my theme this year at my Stitchety Grubs Embroidery group! Brings my total of Egypt books up to 6 hehe!
Well off to get a cuppa and choc and have a bit more read of the Egypt book before we tune into our favourite "Tour de France" a little later.

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