November 8, 2008


Hi All - Sorry for the lack of blogs recently...I have been soooo busy. The painting and decorating of our large living area is finished ...the last of the furniture arrived yesterday and today and tomorrow we are putting all the stuff away in it's new home(s) i.e.photograph albums, puzzles, board games, and lots of other "useful" junk!!! haha!
With the time change here the difference to the UK is a pain in the bum! and I haven't been staying on the computer as long in the evening I have just been popping on to read a few emails. Here are some ATC's... the first one is by me with a yacht and birds painted on some dyed silk (Old Op shop (Charity shop) blouse which I bought to chop up!) and a little bit of tatting for the waves (I made 4 as the lace display in early September at the Albany Lace Weekend was a theme of " Nautical but nice!" and I had no lace which would have been appropriate so thought I would whiz up 4 ATC's (1which I am keeping for myself) and the other 3 to swap at the Lace Guild AGM at the end of September ... The second ATC was made by my friend Mary ...she does some great stuff ... this one is called "Leather and Lace!" it has tatting on some leather and some textured knitting wools used. The 3rd one is another of mine ... I made 12 ladies (all slightly different) I hand painted calico for the background then painted the ladies on then embellished them with tatted lace and beads for their jewellery! I have another "swapping" session to attend at the Cattern's Day Lace Fair here in Perth on the 29th of this month and after that I will post whichever ATC's I have still available for swapping if anyone is interested. I am still madly painting bobbins for the Lace Fair and have also managed to find a small amount of time to make 4 Xmas cards for the online lace group I belong to. I have also done a little more work on the wall panel for our newly decorated Family living area. No peace for the wicked ...bwah hahahahahaha!


TattingChic said...

Love that you add tatting to your ATC's.

Miss 376 said...

Love the ATC's. Hope youmanages to get sorted this weekend

Genie said...

Have a fun weekend sorting.
Love the ATC's

Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

I love the way you've incorporated tatting into your ATCs! What does ATC stand for?