May 25, 2009

Madly Lace Bobbin painting

Hi All
I am still here - I have been busy painting bobbins .... clearing an order of 8 pairs of Australian State Flower bobbins - so 16 bobbins, another order of 9 various bobbins.... both orders have just been posted this morning ... ...I sorted and labelled around 80 bobbins on Saturday.
When I got home today it was to start varnishing another 100 bobbins.... the first 40 commemorative's for the online Aussie lace group -" Gumlace" (there will be over 100 items on this order eventually!
) 8 pairs of bird bobbins that were ordered, 20 (5x4) new People bobbins - Cypress, Macedonia, Turkey and Cook Islands!, 30 Cattern's Day 2009 ladies (first batch I usually end up painting around 80 each year) and a couple of other odd orders.... phew! After the varnishing today I started painting 16 bobbins with the "Albany Pitcher Plant" which are the commemmorative ones for the Lace weekend this September ... I am counting down to my trip to the UK - I leave 9 weeks tonight ... so it's gonna be a verrrry busy few weeks.... I am also trying to work on my "Triennial LAce Competition" piece which needs to be finished before I leave as when I get back from the UK in September I only have 3 days at home before the "Albany Lace weekend" then when I get back from that - another 3 days to get the sox n jox washed and then I fly to Brisbane! for the Aus Lace Guild AGM week that I may or may not be teaching at (I won't know that until early August - 6 weeks before it takes place...!!!) So please forgive me if I am a little slack with the postings .... I am still popping by all your blogs when I get the chance :-) (oh and the pic here was a one off "Raffle" prize bobbin for last year)


TattingChic said...

Wow! Your painted bobbins are beautiful! :)

Doreen G said...

Gosh Bridget I am exhausted just reading all that you have been doing---do you have time to sleep?

Heather said...

Your painted lace bobbins are exquisite. I wish I could paint like that.