May 19, 2009


Hi All
Just a quick note to let you all know I am alive and well haha! I have just been sooooo busy - the Friday (before last) at Northam - giving my talk on Needlelace went very well ... lovely place and lovely people.... I hope I get a chance to go again... I went to the Big Craft Fair here in Perth last Saturday - demonstrating bobbin lace with my "Lacecargot" Lace Group ... spent money on books, shiva sticks. prismacolour pencils and a few other bits and bobs - most of which were actually on my "shopping list"! I have taken pics of my goodies and also the other few crafty things I have been making and I hope to load the pics on here in the next few days.... In the meantime here is a pic of the mummy Meerkat which I took at the perth Zoo back in January - she was guarding her babies ... soooooo cute ... as you know I love Meerkats .... I have downloaded the crochet pattern from here to make one but as I have never crocheted I am having to learn first! haha - I tried to get some friends who already crochet to make one for me but none offered! dangit! LOL Haha! Another problem is that the Mohair wool (Patons) that they recomend is not available here in Australia though it is available in the UK - so I will try and get it when I am over there (I will be landing in London 10 weeks today!!!) and the second pic shows 2 of her babies (there were 3).

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Pat said...

She looks as though she trusts you, is that a smile?