January 16, 2010

Lace and Decorated Blouse

Hi All - from Sunny hot Perth -today's temperature was 38°c and it is still 35° right now (6pm) and tomorrow and Monday's forecast is for 41°c!!! - I have been hiding in the studio today in the cool air con though I did go for a swim with Hubby and Son in our pool this afternoon (the pool water is 31°c!).
Pics today - my UK Trip one - shows a piece of lace in the Textile room at the V&A in london and the other two are of my blouse I appliqued last week - the sleeve and then the view of the whole blouse.... This last week I have been working on the Russian Mat but I am thinking that I may not have enough thread left on the reel (hindsight's a great thing - shoulda bought two!!) - so I have stopped and have ordered another (from the same lady I got the original one) - so I am hoping it will match close enough to wind onto a couple of the bobbins and I can gradually work it in .... finger's crossed .... Oh and I saw a giveaway on Robin's blog - but hurry as I think it closes tomrrow (Sunday)


Miss 376 said...

What a lovely way to add interest to a blouse.
I haven't been to the V&A since I was a child, I really ought to take the boys sometime, though I'm not sure lace would appeal to them, lol

Sue said...

Your lacework is lovely! We were at Cafe Mille on Beaufort Street @ 6pm tonight....I'm glad they had the doors open!