January 13, 2010

Bobbin Lace Appliqued Blouse

Hi All
Another hot day in Perth today - 35°c - I went in our pool for a swim this arvo once my son and his mates had finished - the water was a lovely 31°c according to the new thermometer - obviously the pool blanket we got a week ago is doing it's job and hubby is happy as it's keeping a lot of leaves etc out and also not so much water evaporating as previously!
Here are some pics - the first two are of a blouse which I bought recently at an Op Shop (Charity shop) and last week I appliqued some bobbin lace pieces onto it that I did yonks ago that were kicking around in the cupboard - (they were used early last year when I did the machine embroidery course - when we were doing the sun dying - hence why they are kind of "rusty/orange" now!) also some silk blouse hems (as ribbon!) and some other braid/cord I was given - there are a couple more pics of this blouse - which I will put on my next blog entry... the third pic is part of the Houses of Parliament in Westminster London - from my trip last year - I was sat on a little wall opposite haveing a 5 min rest and decided it was worth a photo...hehe - luv the gargoyles - ferocious little beasties!

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