January 4, 2010

Wire bobbin lace ATC's

I recently participated in a Christmas Card swap - and as I had some small pieces of wire bobbin lace (I make this little set of "repeats" to use up the wire that is left on my lace bobbins after making my jewellery pieces) I thought I could do something with them - I was sitting in the studio contemplating the wire lace and thought the little loops looked like little houses- which led me to the Christmas Carol - "Oh little town of Bethlehem..." so I made 6 ATC's - four which I attached to cards for the swap, one which I have kept for myself and one that went on a card and was posted to my Blog friend Pat that's the one (first pic) with the added hologram bell and tree ....(Hi Pat! :-D)
I painted the little house with some white paint and yellow for the 'lit windows" then sewed the wire lace strip itno place - added a star sequin and a little bit of calico on which I wrote the wording - and there ya go!


Pat said...

Hi Britt, I am certainly going to treasue mine.

Guzzisue said...

Hi, must try the lace with wire ( when I get some time) the cards look great wih it on.