October 18, 2010

Needle lace Butterfly

Hi All - as promised here are 3 pics of the butterfly which I made the week after the AGM - during the actual AGM workshop week (with Tutor Margaret Stephens) I did the Dragonfly (I will pop a pic of that on here in the next entry) All the other 9 students were making gorgeous butterflies and so I was compelled to make one when I returned home - so here it is ... the first photo shows the "Base" - wings and the second one with the 2nd 3D wings attached and the final photo shows the complete necklace - the Beaded "chain" attached and I made some earrings to match (I don't have hooks on them in the photo as I attach all my earrings to "Euro ball" hooks made of real silver or real gold as I am not good with the cheap varieties of hooks) it means I can just thread on whichever earrings I want - great for travelling :-)


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C5 said...

Really lovely! Wish I could do that too! :)

Palma said...

This gorgeous and I love butterflies! I can't sew very well , but I'd love to learn how to this colourful flutterfly.