October 22, 2010

Needle Lace Dragonfly bra bag

Hi All - as I had promised some lace making friends - here is the photo of my latest "Bra bag" - the Needle lace dragonfly was made during the recent Australian Lace Guild AGM week - the actual dragonfly was designed by tutor Margaret Stephens.... his wings are 3d .... I made him in 3 days and he was always intended to go on the bag but looked a bit lost - so on the 4th and final day of the workshop I designed a blossom branch for him to sit on - the flowers are small couronnes.... (made on a pad not a couronne stick) all mounted onto a pre-prepared black "bra" bag :-) This is my 3rd bra bag and just in case you missed the other 2 - here are pics of the 1st - pink one and the 2nd one - Egyptian Scarab - which was also made during a Needle lace "Margaret Stephen's" workshop at the AGM week - 2 years ago - I adapted Margaret's design to fit in an oval so that it could be the scarab beetle's back. The lace edging is also hand made using a metallic thread which wasn't easy to use! but looked great - so I was determined it was going to do what I wanted it to - you have to be assertive with a many of the metallic threads !!!! hehe!

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C5 said...

These are wonderful! Have you used them outside?