October 31, 2010

Birthdays all over the place!

Three weeks ago yesterday my Baby Gal was 21 - here she is sitting in my comfy chair - along with my resident Meerkats! LOL! Meerkat group on the left = big meerkat "Sid" -Bought in Fremantle in August 2008 and Monty on his left (bought in Cumbria, UK August 2009) - in front is Mork then piglet (not a meerkat obviously! haha) and Mindy (Mork and Mindy joined the family in June this year).
On the right of the pic is Maurice (bought at a local shopping center in a florists! last year, Flower (from Perth Zoo shop in January 2009) and Alex bought in Swanage, UK last September) My only Meerkat that doesn't sit in my chair is Mikey the Micro Meerkat as he would get lost down the sides all the time haha!
Baby Gal is wearing her glittery 21 sash which I made for her to go "clubbing" in!...The other pic shows Baby Boy and his Girlfriend at the 21st Birthday dinner - and this Wednesday it will be his 18th Birthday! so tomorrow I have to make an 18th "head/arm band" for him to go clubbing with - awww 18 - an adult haha! LOL!

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