March 15, 2011

Egypt journal - Nefertiti pages

Hi All - As promised - here is the next installment of my Egypt Journal ...the first "spread" of pages. The first pic shows the "paint base"... yummy gold and copper Lumiere paints- then the second pic shows the "plan of attack" - arranging the images etc then the third shows them stuck into place and then the fourth - the addition of the English lettering and the Egyptian Hieroglyphs. The Pictures of Nefertiti - are of course the various stages of my Needle lace Nefertiti which I did a few years ago .... so my journal has become a bit of a crafty record too :-)
Thanks to those of you who take the time to leave a comment - if you haven't done so before please do - I would love to come visit your blog too :-)


MargaretR said...

I just love Nefertiti too and your pages are lovely.

linda said...

They look wonderful - great theme to choose.
Thanks for your comment on my thermofax project.