March 10, 2011

Egyptian Art Journal - more cover pics

Hi All - as promised - here are the last 2 pics of the Egyptian Journal front cover first pic - almost finished and second one shows it complete with "Egypt" written in Egyptian Hieroglyphics - throughout the journal there are the words written in English and then in Hieroglyphs. Also now on the cover is an added thread wrapped pipecleaner - if your wondering what the foily stuff is on the left - it is gold celophane wrapping paper that has been "hit" with a heat gun then painted with "Lumiere" paints - you know how much I luv them LOL!
The Nefertiti picture is a a photograph of my Needle Lace Nefertiti neck purse which I made a couple of years ago - she also stars on the 1st double page spread - which I will be putting on the next post - stay tuned :-) Thank you to those of you who take the time to leave a comment - I luv reading them :-)

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Tiger C said...

Britt that looks wonderful. I hope a picture of your scarab bra bag will be included in the journal as well. I think it's a great idea to have a theme to follow for a while and then to make a journal to bring it all together. Mum and I are both in your workshop class at Lace West so see you then!