March 7, 2011

Egyptian Art Journal

Hi All - Back in November last year one of the ladies at the ATASDA (Australian Textile Art and Surface Design Association) WA Group that I go to brought in 7 plain white "pop up" books - 4 small and 3 large - she had bought 8 books altogether and decorated one of the larger ones and decided to give the others away to anyone who wanted to "do something" with them - on the premise that they would bring the completed book back to the meeting in this February just gone...I picked up one of the smaller ones ... and as I am fascinated by all things Egyptian - decided that that would be my theme .... so here is a pic of the "naked" book as I got it then the first coat of coloured acrylic paints and finally with the gold "Lumiere" paint on it....stay tuned for more pics of the cover and the 6 double page spreads that are inside of it ..... :-)


Lynn said...

I just went to an Art Book fest this weekend. It was great! I love the transformation of you cover. I am fascinated by the Egyptian history too, so am anxiously awaiting to see the rest of this project. Thanks for sharing :)

Pat said...

Great job on the cover, I look forward to the rest.