December 18, 2013

Bobbin and Tatted Lace, Embroidered and Textile Christmas Decorations part 2

Decorations from Lace friends

Embroidered and Textile Decoration by me  
Here are some more of the Handmade Christmas Decorations that are on my tree - the first photo show decorations given to me by other Lace making friends.... Those of you in the Online Gumlace Group ....Do you recognise any? Unfortunately I never thought to keep a note of who sent what ....I know Barb S sent me one of the stars in a bangle one year though as I have 3 I don't know which one it is ...- and the (Crochet) white on navy felt with the dangly turquoise beads in the centre was from a friend at my Lace Group - Michelle B.
The little "diamond" shaped bauble at bottom right was from Noelene L (Gumlace Group)and the long bobbin lace decoration at the very bottom right is a bit special as it was made by a lady from my lace group who was killed in a car accident in 2000 - I bought it at the West Australian Cattern's Day Fair in 1992 - I remember because our group hosted it that year and my son was a teensy baby of 3 weeks!
The decoration 3rd from the left in the top row was a Kris Kringle gift many years ago ... I have to hang it on the tree near a light as the light gets pushed up into the white plastic bit at it's base and then the hologram foil in the background shines and flare and is all pretty :)

The bottom photo has Embroidered and Textile Decorations made by me:
Top row L>R:
polystyrene ball covered with sequins and bugle beads (we all made these at my Lace group one year), Large white polystyrene bauble covered with stretchy (sock!) embroidered with my son's 1st Xmas and next to it my daughters 1st bauble which was white jersey fabric.
Next row L>R:
a little Angel made with Safety pins (!) and Pearl beads (again one we made at the lace group) purple so this one is my daughter's, A white and red seed beaded motif with red tassel (sons), a small blue "Dottee" doll - as it's blue it's my sons!... A blue crazy patch heart (my sons) a white Xmas holly fabric "Dottee" doll (mine) a cross stitched "Rudolph" head (done on plastic canvas, my white felt "tassel" peacock has tatted loops on its tail (made last year, 2012) Daughters Purple "Dottee" doll, Daughter's purple crazy patch heart, beaded bell angel (done from a kit)
Next row L>R:
Cross stitch Poinsettia (mine) 2 hand painted large Gumnuts (we all have a couple of these in different colours with different pictures that I painted on them- they do have our initials but here they are too small to see), Orange felted heart with sequins (mine) , Purple seed beaded angel (again a Lace group project one year) purple so it's my Daughters, cross stitch holly leaves (daughters), red and gold seed beaded angel (mine) pale pink pearl bead angel (mine), Cross stitch on plastic canvas, Snowman - (sons), (jump to far right)small white Broderie Anglais lace angel (mine)
Next row L>R:
3 beaded baubles (Lace group project) top one is mine and is purpley/blue and silver beads, bottom left, blue beads (sons) and purple (Daughters), Orange felted heart (pink sequin so sons girlfriend's) blue pearl beaded angel (sons) 2 small beaded angel (large red "crystal" bead as skirt (lace group project) identical except bead above it's head one is blue/green (mine) the other purple (daughters), red "Dorset button" with tassel (mine), small white felt naive bird (mine) blue sead beaded angel (sons) small beaded/crystal angel (sons) and a white and red seed beaded motif with white tassel (daughters)
Bottom Row L>R:
2 painted Gumnuts, orange felted heart (sons), white circular decoration (made by wrapping thread over a childs' bangle then a small disc of felt sewn in the centre with gold sequins and beads then covering it, clip the thread and take off the bangle), Hardanger decoration (Mine) and orange felted heart (daughters)


Tiger C said...

Wow that's a great collection! Love the white peacock with it's long tail.

Madtatter80 said...

All of these are very beautiful and exquisite, you are very talented, But when I click on picture to get a better view It doesn't get bigger!I want a closer look you are really good! :)