December 15, 2013

Bobbin and Tatted Lace, Embroidered and Textile Christmas Decorations

Lace Decorations I have made over the years

Close up

Hi All - Here are some of the Christmas Decorations which I hang on our Christmas Tree.
Each year since my 2 children were born I make them a decoration. The theory was that when they moved out they would then be able to take theirs and would have a good start on collecting decorations for their own trees. Well - though not initially - I decided early on that I should really make one each year for myself so that my tree wouldn't be too "Naked" when theirs went...LOL! Also it's a good way to try a new lace or embroidery technique.
The first photo shows lace decorations that I have made over the last 24 years.... from top left to right:
A bobbin lace Christine Springett Kit (Diamond shaped) decoration, "Halas" Needle Lace Angel decoration - my design, Tatted Motif (Lindsay Rogers "Tatting Collage" #D12) mounted on felt and blue "Angelina Fibres", Wire Bobbin Lace "Star" (Jana Novak's "Julekniplinger Bk 5" B0480).
Next row L>R, Red and Green "Tassel" decoration - made with Needle lace "Couronnes" (My design), One of my early tatted pieces based on a bookmark with a bell on the bottom and blue ribbon (Means this one is my sons!) and berries at the top, A Needle lace Tree on a hand painted background mounted in a bangle - blue sequin on pot means it's my sons! (My Design), Round bobbin lace Christine Springett kit decoration, Tree decoration as before but Purple sequin means it's my daughters!, Dark Purple (yes - daughter's ...can you sense a theme? LOL) felt decoration with Tatted motif (Patti Duff #4) with a sequin and bead in the centre -these were last year's (2012) ones.
Next row L>R, Tatted dec as before but my daughter's, the next 4 are different Christine Springett bangle decoration Kits , 
Net Row L>R, Pink Felt (Son's Girlfriend's... also a theme as she loves pink!) Tatted Motif (Patti Duff #1), My lighter purple felt Tatted motif dec (Patti Duff # 7), Blue felt Tatted Motif (My son's) (Patti Duff # 10) and a heart-shaped Chritine Springett Kit dec.
Bottom row L>R, Needle lace tree as before but in Pink for Son's Girlfriend and my own Needle lace tree dec.

Next photo show a close up of some of them.

I have lots more hand made decorations to show - you - in my next entry - stay tuned :)


Judith said...

Your decorations are beautiful, and what a lovely idea to stitch one each year for each of your children. Your tree must be a real picture! Judith x

Margarets designer cards said...

Lovely decorations, nice idea to make some for them when they move out and also make one for you each year, your tree won't be too bear at that rate and you won't have to rush to make yourself some new ones.
Thank you for the comment on my blog, I have left you a reply. I don't know what's happening but the pictures have been tested in different parts of the world and they all say they are fine. I think a word to blogger will be in order.