December 20, 2013

Handmade Christmas Decorations larger photo

Larger photo when you click on it

Close up of the 2 peacocks 

Hi - Just popping the photo of the Embroidered/Textile decorations on here again - this time if you click on it you should get a larger view (I post the photo's smaller usually so they don't take ages to load) This is especially for you Madtatter80 :)
Tiger C - I found an additional photo of the 2 peacock "tassels" I designed and made last year made for my Embroidery Kris Kringle Swap - I was a smart bunny and made 2 so if they came out really good I could keep one LOL - the photo shows one from the back and the other front side :) The one I kept is on the right :D (slightly lighter gold thread and I think I put a couple of extra tatted ring "feathers" in the tail)


Margarets designer cards said...

Lovely display, your tree will look wonderful with these decorations.
Thank you for your email and your comment on my blog.

Madtatter80 said...

Oh you are so kind to me :) I looked at these for a very long time! I love the Native American looking beaded angels, and the peacocks, and that red and white one and the sleepy moon face with stars, I guess could mention them all! The tassels are really nice and great Idea, I read somewhere that Fiber Arts with animal shapes are more valued, in years to come, just fyi. Have a Merry Christmas! and glad I found your blog :)

Tiger C said...

Thanks Britt, the peacocks are really lovely. Best wishes for the festive season and hope to bump into you in 2014.

Tanya said...

My mum loves the fabric ones, but I have to admit I love glass( always have a real tree and it's heartbreaking when sap drips on embroidery) the peacocks are cute

Tommy Hanson said...

What a cute display of handmadechristmas decorations !! :)