June 12, 2007

Arty Dolls

Hi All
Here are the 10 little Arty Dolls which I made back in early February (Click on pic to see them larger) ... I couldn't put them on here back then as most of them were made as gifts for the 4 lovely ladies with whom I stayed on my March/April Teaching trip (They also received a "Jewelled Jemz" neck purse as seen in an earlier posting) and also 4 of them were little Easter gifts .... the other 2 are mine! haha! The inspiration came from Dottee and her wonderful "Artee Dolls" she does fantastic work which you can see at the following: http://dotslifeandart.blogspot.com/ (sorry don't know how to do that link thingie with just a word). I absolutely loved making them and intend to make more .. I showed my Sister in UK on the webcam and she has put in an "order" for some slightly smaller ones done in Xmassy fabrics for her Xmas tree!. As I also make a decoration for my kids every year (this year will be my daughters 18th decoration!!!) I will have quite a few to do!
The idea with the Xmas decoration each year since they were born means that they will take them with them when they move out and will be able to decorate their own trees. Although I have also made myself one each year so that my tree won't be totally nude haha! Not sure my son will want a dolly ... will have to do a boy-ee one in blues! :-D

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Doreen G said...

Just noticed this --where you said you didn't know how to link to a page--I'll try to explain--
when you are writing about some one and you might say "you can check it out here" you hi-lite the word here by left clicking on the word(like if you are going to delete it).
Then you click on the link icon on the same line as where you click to upload a picture---just run the mouse to the left until the word link comes up over the icon then click on the link and a little box appears--where it says URL you type in the blogname after the http:// ----- then you click o.k. and it will then hilight the word "here" in blue on your blog.
and it should then link to the blogsite if you have put in the correct data.
If you have any problems my e-mail address is on my blog
Regards Doreen