June 21, 2007

Fluffy, Felty, Glittery Inchies!

Yay !I finally got around to loading on some pics which I took the week before last... I recently made some "Inchies" ... using a base of normal craft felt (in the top pic-on the right), I then ironed some bits of Polyester "cotton" balls on to it (between glade bake paper of course).
These balls of "fluff" I bought at a local $2 shop (equates to around 85p) ...$2 for a mixed bag of colours ... the following week when I went back they were clearing them out for $1 a bag ... bargain!!! so I bought a couple more! :-D
Here they are in the shoebox (having a son with size 13 feet is very handy for storage haha!) As I was Ironing on the "fluff' I also ironed on fibres (not actually Angelina fibres though I do use them, these were a cheaper version I had bought at a craft shop and wanted to try out). Then I randomly stitched with a veriagated thread over the felt .....then..... well I'll tell you what I did then in the next installment!! ......... :-D

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