June 29, 2007

Stitchety Grub Group Challenge

As promised here are pics of my Pantoran squares. I posted the first 3 stitches (1 month per stitch) in an earlier blog entry and here are stitches number 4 and 5. Just to recap - month 1- the first stitch was : Colonial Knot, the 2nd: Fly Stitch, 3rd: Sheaf Stitch, 4th (and pictured here as the scales of the fish) Wheatear Stitch (Mine is actually detached Wheatear stitch). Also pictured here is the 5th month: Thorn stitch incorporating a pressed metal medalion and sequin waste. (I have also done stitch no 6 which isn't due for 3 more weeks ...yes I got on with it fast! ...and I will post a pic of that one soon).
I am feeling very chuffed tonight as I had an email from the Australian Lace Guild NAC Committee to say that my Wire workshop at the Annual Cnoference at the end of September is a "goer" for all 4 days so I am doing the happy dance yay ... now have to get on and do the workshop notes! ooo er! also there are apparently a few vacancies for the Thursday/Friday one if anyone is interested! :-D

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MargaretR said...

Your favourite shapes appearing already. The koi fish! Thanks for your comments and I shall now be looking for your other favourites too. It will be interesting won't it?