June 3, 2008

"Garden" Theme Needle case

Hi All - well we had the first day of winter here in Australia on Sunday (1st June) ... It was quite nice weather considering the day before we has 12 hours of on and off thunderstorms and heavy showers ...and yep! I was driving around in it as I went up into the "hills" to a Guild Lace day! Luckily when it was at it's worst we were snuggled up in the scouts hall scoffing home made soup!
Here are some pics of the little Needle case I made for Susan (Artybliss) ... our theme was "The garden"
and as most of you know I collect Needle cases (of all sorts of shapes and styles) I thought I would make Susan one as they are always useful! especially when you have several projects on the go!... I tatted her some pink flowers then attached them to some green Batik fabric then started embroidering ... the bees and ladybugs are ribbon embroidery the 3d green leaves above the ladybugs are a needle lace technique called "woven picots" and I added sequins and some of the tiny little buttons I bought last year when I was on my Lace teaching trip over in New South Wales. There is, of course, a "Redback" spider too (we have them in our garden all the time!) I am rather pleased with how the case turned out and am seriously contemplating making one for me! haha!


Genie said...

Lovely work
Susan sure has done well with all her garden swaps

artisbliss said...

I just love my needlecase! Thanks again so much.

Stitchety Grub said...

Susan you are very welcome ... is it full of needles yet? hehe! :D

Jacky said...

Another beautiful needlecase... love the vibrant colours and all of your wonderful embroidery. You are so clever tatting those flowers...looks like quite a time consuming task.

Ati. Norway. said...

This looks lovely, real garden :)Lucky Susan!