June 7, 2008

Needle Lace Needlecase

Hi All - wow! It's the weekend again ...I have been waiting the last couple of weeks for an ATC to come from the USA ... but not yet :(
I am also somewhat impatiently waiting for the Australian Lace Guild Magazine which was due around the 1st if June ..... but I am not the only one quite a few friends have commented on it's absence! Perhaps there is a big back log of post sitting somewhere in the middle of the outback! There's probably a pile of post the size of Uluru (Ayres Rock!) haha! LOL!
I have been busy painting bobbins in the mornings of this week in between being a Taxi for my son as he had exams at school and only needed to attend at the times his particular ones were scheduled! In the afternoons I have been working on my Neferititi (needlelace) which is to go on my "Egyptian" themed piece for this year at my Stitchety Grub's embroidery group.
The two pics here are two of my needlelace needlecases from my "Collection" They were both done at Aus Lace Guild National Conference workshops ... the first pic is "Reticella" and the second is Punto in Aria .... They both have a background of Purple Thai silk (from a top which I bought at an "Op Shop" (Opportunity Shop or Charity shop)).


Jacky said...

Wow!!! you're needlecases are beautiful !!!!!

Ati. Norway. said...

Beautiful pieces !

TattingChic said...

Oh, I love this! The lace is absolutely exquisite!