June 24, 2008

Small Russian Mat

Hi All
Here is a pic of a small Russian Mat I made a couple of years ago ..... I took a pic with my new camera which was on the bestest setting and ended up huge in the MB's but I am trying to learn how to compress the pics before I put them on this Blog ... so this is a bit of an experiment - the easiest thing seem to be to do it and then check to see what the quality is like .....
I had a good weekend ... the Wire Lace Day on Saturday went well though the heating in the room we had hired was useless and the temperature had gone down to 3°c the night before ... I spent the whole 4 hours from 10am- 2pm with my scarf and jacket on still!brrr! We have 14 members in the group and 11 were there which was great as 2 are overseas - and at this time of the year germs, colds and flu are prevalent. I did get underway with my newest piece of wire lace jewellery - a Scarab design ... I will take pics as it progresses. Well a program I like to watch is about to start on TV so ta ta for today... :D


Ati. Norway. said...

Beautiful made , the leaves are super :)

Miss 376 said...

That's beautiful. Look forward to seeing the scarob