June 14, 2008

More of the Elizabethan piece

Hi All - I had a nice afternoon at one of my Lace groups today - ("Lacecargot") only 5 of the 7 of us there though... one had gone to an art exhibition way down in Albany and the other is due back anytime from 7 week in UK/Ireland and USA! - So lots of chat and news from her when she comes to the next meeting! I spent the afternoon doing little bits of Tatting for another batch of ATC's ... more about them down the track..... Here are a couple more shots of the Elizabethan piece - you can see my variegated caterpillar in these ... It was made using an actual variegated silk thread (All thread used on this piece was silk ...with the black/gold "butterfly" thread around the chain stitched stems ... also a little bit of Kreinik blending filament crept in - in the odd place!(hehe)). If you are familiar with this type of Elizabethan embroidery you will know that it is quite dimensional ... the deep purple/blue flower in the top pic (top right) has a yellow "pocket" and tucked away inside are tiny beads ... I adore doing this type of embroidery but haven't done any for quite a long time .... I must try and get to some next year -hmmm I think I may make that my next year's project at my Stitchety Grubs Group) Thanks you to those of you who left a comment on the previous entry and one a couple down ... I still can't seem to get more than 5 comments though (that is my goal by the end of this year!) I am very envious of blogs which I visit that continually have 11-20 or more ...sigh - giggle haha! Oh well back to chatting to my sis in the UK on teh web cam though it is a very dodgy connection ... the sound is very "hiccy burpy!" LOL!


Ann said...

It's beautiful Britt. My latest Stitch magazine has a really nice Elizabethan sweet bag pattern, that has a catepillar and a snail on it and I intend having a go but probably as a needlecase (what else? I don't need a sweet bag!)


Denise Aumick said...

Absolutely gorgeous in the photo - I bet even more so in real life. Lovely.

Tere Sanders said...

Your work is so gorgeous!!! It's so original and I love the crazy belt!

donnag said...

This is some very special work!
I love it and the daffodil was one of my favorites...the bird is just too sweet too!

Donna Godfrey