December 22, 2011

Crafty stuff from this year part 2

2 necklaces that I made early in the year for my travels (nice and lightweight in the luggage!) The first is a beaded zip necklace in the black, red, white, gold and silver theme - this is the 4th one I have made over the years - and at my embroidery group this year we decided to have a go at "Goldwork" and as I usually bite of more than I can chew - I wised up this time and designed a smaller piece than I would normally have done LOL! :D - as the theme for the AGM in New Zealand in April (at which I was a tutor) was "Butterflies" I decided to make a pendant that could go on a Kumihimo cord - I have worn it many times and had lots of comments on it.


Tiger C said...

The zipper necklace is a great idea that I haven't seen before. Is it stiffened or just made stronger by the beads/embellishments? Have a great Christmas Britt.

Stitchety Grub said...

Hi Christie
I just sewed the beads on then I backed it with a piece of softish leather - covers up any messy stitching hehe! - you know me - I only do "easy"!LOL
You have a great Xmas too - and stay cool :)