December 20, 2011

Crafty stuff from this year part 1

Hi All - For last few days of the year I am going to post some of the pics from this year that I hadn't gotten around to putting on here yet... back in May I made the 2 "scrappy flower" brooches for my daughter to give the young lass next door to us - she had admired some others earlier in the year in my studio and the purple brooch can be pinned onto the Kumihimo braid that I made - it was a gift to my mate for her Birthday back in April :D

There is also a pic here of a wooden Needle case which I was commissioned to paint for a UK lace tutor who was out here doing workshops back in September ... it has our (Western Australian) State Floral emblem on it - the "Mangles' Kangaroo Paw" :)

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Emma said...

Love your brooches, mine never seem shabby chic enough! The tree dec is sweet & the heard decs are gorgeous!

Happy Holidays!