December 4, 2011

Tissue paper fabric

Hi All- Sorry for the lack of posts - November was yet again a busy month - culminating in our West Aussie Cattern's Day Fair last Saturday so it was a month filled with bobbin painting! Then last week I had a few orders as a result of the Fair and also emailed orders and then 2 Xmas Lunches - so busy busy busy! :-)
I have just put up my Christmas tree - and 90% of the decorations on it are handmade - mainly by me over the years but some by other crafty/lacey friends - and it took me twice as long as I stopped to reminisce ( my Son's Girlfriend helped so I was telling her the little stories behind them hehe!)
The pics here were done a while ago - some machine embroidery on Tissue paper Fabric - haven't actually gone any further and made anything out of it yet - maybe in the New Year. I don't have quite so many travels planned over the next 12 months as I have had the last 24 months - which is good as I hope to get other things done now in the studio! :-)

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Emma said...

Love this paper & the vessel below. How did the Sherill Khan w/s go?