December 31, 2011

Crafty stuff from this year part 4

Hi All - Well here is my final blog entry for 2011 - a New Year is right around the corner - (13 hours and 10 minutes time LOL) so here are a few more pics of Crafty things from this year - Firstly 5 of the Christmas ATC's I made - 4 were attached to cards and swapped with the Australian online Lace Group that I belong to. Then a pic of teh 2 "Russian" doll needle cases I made as Christmas gifts- The purple/blu one has gone to live at my friend Ros's house here in Perth but the greeny/salmon one is more of a traveller and she has gone to reside in the UK with my friend Pat.
The next pic shows the Christmas decorations that my Stitchety Grubs Embroidery group made and exchanged - clockwise from top left is red and gold bird made by April and now owned by Carol-Lee, Huckaback Embroidered "diamond" decoration made by Ros and now owned by me! :D, Hand made Bedfordhire bobbin lace Angel made by Colleen and now owned by Ros, Cross stitched Koala by Carol-Lee now owned by April, Cross stitched heart made by Maureen and now owned by Colleen and finally in the centre - a Christmas tree made by me and now owned by Maureen.
The final photo is of my Aquatone crayon/pencils which I bought in Derwent at the pencil factory in the middle of this year when Hubby and I were in Cumbria (I also bought Inktense blocks as well as various other pencils :D) but these - I took on my Sydney/Tasmania trip - I LOVE them! - so yummy to use! mm mm :D

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