January 22, 2007

Russian Mat

This was my first ever Russian piece... "Boris" from Bridget Cook's first Russian Lace book.
It was done in 3 weeks 2 days ... :-D
It's a lovely pattern.
Haven't had a chance to make any lace today ... had to go down to the local Uni to sort out DD student card and car parking permit, enrolling etc.....
Only sewing I got to do today was DH shorts ... the belt loops had started to pull away ... he hasn't had them long either! They don't make things like they used to!!
I finished the wire lace earrings yesterday to go with the necklace which I designed and made last week... very pleased with them ... they are for the workshop which I hope to teach in September at the Australian Lace Guild AGM week. I will be putting a pic of them on here at the end of next month/beginning March in conjunction for the article in the March issue of Australian Lace. My embroidery group have decided to do a project together ... after reading about the TAST (Take A Stitch Tuesday) challenge run by Sharon B at the following link:(http://inaminuteago.com/index.html ) I mentioned it to the other 4 ladies at the group and they liked the idea too but were baulking at the fact there is only a week to do each stitch... so we thought that we would choose a new stitch at alternate meetings (we meet every 2 weeks so it would be 4 weekly) We are going to put 22 bits of paper in a "bag" ....each with a different stitch written on it and pull one out each time .... starting on February 2nd ... it will be interesting what everyone will do the stitching on! I am thinkning of doing a "Pantoran" in the colours which I want our bedroom to be decorated in .... must raid the material stash and maybe make some material ... felting or something hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! :-D

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