January 20, 2007

"A room with a view" 2

Here are a couple of pics of my entry for the Triennial Lace Competition (Adelaide) in 2003. The title was "A room with a view" but my son has always referred to it as "Mum's Cheeky Lace" !!

The lid of the slim box which I made to contain the lace is made with handpainted "bricks" on cotton, brick shapes were then "quilted" and embellishments added in the form of needlelace vines ... woven leaves... and the little blossoms are made like "bells" using a Couronne stick then sewn into place with a tiny bead in the centre. The cream buttonhole stitch forms the window frame (which doesn't show in the photo but is actually cut out). The entry below shows the box "open" though it is a little hard to see the inside lid as I took the photo on the floor in the studio and it is very similar in colour!!!

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