January 13, 2007

I've been busy the last couple of days doing some little embroideries ... abstract with glittery threads and sequins and all sorts of yummy bits..... Went to Lacecargot Lace Group today and actually made some lace in between the yakking and afternoon tea! Just did a bit more to the big Russian Braid Mat .... only a million miles more to do haha! :-D
In two weeks time Lacecargot group is 12 years old so we are having a bring a plate lunch ... I have to something savoury ...so will have to find something inspiring hmmmmmmmmmmm! 3 other gals will be doing "sweets" yummo ... they are all such great cooks ..can't wait haha! Won't bother taking my lace pillow though as it won't even get out of the bag!
My studio is in serious need of a tidy but can't do it until I finish with the little embroideries as I have all the useful bits spread everywhere! though it is starting to drive me crazy!(er) LOL!

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