January 19, 2007

Bedfordshire Gumleaf and Blossom

I was tidying up in my studio this week, putting things away!!! and found a few "older" pieces... including this piece of Bedforshire Lace which was designed by the lovely Liz Ligetti and made by me when I attended her workshops in Melbourne back in September 1997.... It only measures just over a couple of inches from top to bottom but I vaguely remember it having around 60 pairs of bobbins at the widest point!LOL! It did win a 1st in the local Agricultural show back in 2000 though, yay!
I went to Stitchety Grubs (my embroidery group) this morning and did a bit more to the really long Danish X-stitch sampler which I started in April 2003 ... I did about 40 cms of it over Xmas .... (I hadn't touched it in ages last year otherwise) and I only have about 12 cms to go ! I will post a pic when it's done :-D

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