January 17, 2007

Wire Lace Bobbins

Here's a few of my Wire Lace bobbins .....They are converted "Downton" bobbins. Some were made for me back in the early 1990's by local wood turners in woods such as "Jarrah", Jacaranda" and "She-Oak". Some were whittled by me and then handpainted by me and some (more recently) made by my Hubby and painted by me..... I like to work with the "Eye" on the top not on the side of the neck and 'cos I converted already made Downtons the necks were too thin to drill and attach the eyes but after having a go with a friends bobbins which have the "Eye" on the side ..... It's a pain in the *** cos they get all caught up. I love my "Downtons" :-D The bobbin case they are lying on was made by my mate Estelle who makes a faaab job of them...I have bought many from her for gifts as well as the 19 I have! (plus my 2 kids have 3 between them!)

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