March 29, 2008

Biking at Easter

I have been really busy the last 9 days ... went on a bike ride on Easter Sunday with friends... first one for me in over 18 months! We did 20 kms (12.5 miles) down to East Perth and back up all along the river (Swan) which was lovely and it wasn't too hot ... a nice breeze ... though I had "Biker's Butt!" after - tender botty! I felt like I had done a great achievement though haha! The first pic shows a Kangaroo and Aboriginal sculpture (apparently fairly new according to my mate who bikes around this route a lot)... The Aborigine is back towards the right though he looks a bit in need of the loo! haha!
In the second pic- I am usually the person behind the camera ... but thought I would need photographic evidence so here I am! haha! :-)
We have a visitor from UK staying for 3 weeks so I have hardy been in the studio so nothing crafty done this week except I did go to Lace group on Wednesday and did a bit more tatting for new ATC's (There is a swap at next month's West Aussie Guild Lace Day!
I probably won't get too much in the way of craft stuff done the next 2 weeks though I do have some bobbin paining work to fit in... no fun stuff :-(

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artisbliss said...

I love seeing the people behind the blogs! Happy travels.