March 18, 2008

Experimental Hexigons and Burns Beach

I've been busy working in the studio the last few days ... real work as in bobbin painting orders though I have been doing a bit to some ATC's for the swap in April which will be our West Aus Guild Lace Day. The first pic today is of an hexagon experimental piece and then the next is of a seagull on some rocks at our local beach and the third is of some other rock formations down there... You can click on any of these pics to see more detail. Talking of which I got new glasses today - multi focals ... I am getting old haha! I still wear my contact lenses through the day but I take them out around tea time and change to my glasses and with the old ones I was having trouble focusing close up on my needlework or the bobbin I was painting! That's no good! hehe! I also always wear my glasses on Sundays ... most of which are spent at home in the studio so I needed them to be useful! I was getting fed up with taking them off as I can see better without them but then something would come on the TV and I would have to go into reverse on the DVD recorder! ... I can also see the computer screen and the keyboard better now too! yay! ... I am looking forward to Easter ... chocolate ...need I say more haha! also catching up with our best mates (our Aussie "family") and also a visitor arriving from the UK in the early hours Easter Sunday..


Lise said...

I'm here from Ati's blog, visiting you for the first - but certainly not last - time! Love your postcards and ATCs - postcards are MY thing. And your lava pieces are stunning!

Jacky said...

Love your experimental hexagon piece! As you can tell from my blog, loooove fabric so I am loving your art!
Arent you lucky to live so near the beach...gorgeous photos.