March 13, 2008

My local beach and a bookmark

Hi All - The last few Thursday mornings I have been going to the local beach for half an hour, 2 kilometres away from where we live (this is the Indian Ocean!), as my son has been doing snorkeling in his Outdoor Education class and has to be at school an hour earlier than normal ... .as a result I have been snoofying around, paddling in the waves.... It was too cold today ... yes, a blustery 23°c so I stayed in the car and listened and watched the waves and the local gulls and people doggy walking! Last week was overcast but warmer and I took the photo's here .... The first one ... a rather handsome rock and some good ol' Aussie seaweed! The next pic is looking South and the other pic is the view looking to the North.... there was more sand and less rock the previous weeks ... the sand seems to have washed away and this morning you couldn't get down on the beach as the tide was right up! The final pic is a bookmark which I made last week for my best buddy's Birthday .... she hasn't been a person who reads a lot but I am encouraging her (in her old age!) to read more... we gave her Jane Austin's "Emma" book. (Her oldest daughter's name is Emma haha!). I chose this book also as we went together a few weeks ago to see the movie "The Jane Austin Bookclub".


artisbliss said...

Love the beach photos. I lived in Oregon for several years, not especially near the beach but we did get there fairly often. I was raised in landlocked Kansas, so the ocean for me is so fascinating. I always felt I came away from the seaside with a better perspective of my place in the cosmos.

The bookmark is very nice. Is it embellished angelina?

Pat said...

Wow, that first picture is stunning, you should take part in the V&A museum beach project

Cara said...

Very nice. Inspirational. The beaches in California are nice too, but I do not travel the distance often. Maybe I should.