March 3, 2008

Tissue Paper Fabric

Top pic shows the piece of "Tissue Paper Fabric" which I made back in January at the "Play day". I dug out a piece of hand dyed calico (which I had done several years ago) and then I brushed on watered down PVA glue, then placed randomly torn pieces of a variety of tissue papers ... dabbing each with the gluey brush... it was then left to dry overnight and then another coating of the watery glue applied and dried again (apparently we were supposed to repeat this 3 times but I only did 2 coats altogether as I didn't want it too stiff and hard to get the needle through!). I wasn't too sure what on earth I was going to do with this piece until a couple of weeks after when I needed to make a postcard for Susan's Cyber Fyber Exhibition ... It works beautifully as a background for free needle lace as I didn't then need to have a needle lace pad as I do for most of my needle lace! This pic also shows it before I "dry brushed" copper and gold acrylic paints on it. The second pic shows an ATC which I made using the Tissue Paper Fabric and also the postcard (again) and the other 2 ATC's which I have sent to Susan for the Random Trading day during the exhibition. The bottom pic is a shot of our back garden with the Agapanthus in flower.


artisbliss said...

The tissue paper fabric is gorgeous. I like that technique and I know what you mean by not knowing what you're going to use something for at the time you make it. Usually ends up coming in handy, though. I envy you your flowers even though I know we're in totally different seasons. It's been a long hard winter here.

Cara said...

Great flowers! Is'so funny to see both agapanthus and bougainvillea, just like my own yard, but so far away from California! I'm much more able to grow flowers like yours than to make art like yours. I bow to you, ATC Goddess, and aspire only to do better tomorrow than I did yesterday.