March 10, 2008

Pyrography Iron and Yo Yo's

Hi - thanks to those of you who left a little message on my blog - I love to hear from other crafty people :-) .. Here are a couple of pics .... the first is made up of layers of different fabrics which were then cut back or "slashed" with a pyrography iron .....the 2nd one is experimental "Yo yo's" or "Suffolk Puffs" whichever you like to call them ... the black one in the centre was from a pair of old fancy stockings which had diamante's on the ankles ... though now it looks like a pair of eyes peeping out haha! LOL! :-D. I have been busy today preparing a wire bobbin lace piece as I am teaching a 2 day workshop in the middle of April and have been asked if I could have a 3rd design available ... it's a slow process winding the bobbins and working out quantities down to the last millimetre! .... This afternoon though I did finally get underway with making the design ( a second time) and I have started to make notes which will accompany the pattern! I had a bobbin order arrive in the post this afternoon so that will put the workshop piece on the "back burner" for a few days.... Oh well .... never enough hours in the day haha! I am so glad it has started to cool down here though having said that it is supposed to be 36°c tomorrow but cooler around 26°c and showers for next weekend! yay!


artisbliss said...

These are interesting pieces. I like the idea of the slashed piece where the underlayers are exposed kind of randomly and gradually.

Wire lace? As in lace made of wire? You have to post photos of that!

Stitchety Grub said...

Hi Susan
You can see pics of my wire lace if you click on the "Archives" and click on "2007" then scroll to bottom, click on "older posts" then scroll down a few entries to "February 25th" there are 2 pics of 2 of the pieces I designed and these are the 2 I have been teaching.