February 11, 2008

Busy Busy

Sorry I haven't been posting the last few days - I've been busy working on my postcard for Susan and the Cyber Fyber Exhibition .... It is ready to go in the envelope now. I also have 3 ATC's ready to go with it for the Random Swap. The pic here shows a postcard which I received in December from Hannah. I had buried it on my drawing board in the studio and it came to light today. The colours in "real life" are gorgeous ... the pic doesn't do it justice! Hannah's blog is at http://www.katarski-artistatwork.blogspot.com/ she does some fabulous work. I have been making more ATC's today as we are having a swap at the April Lace Guild day - and any left over can go towards the swap in September at the Aus Lace Guild AGM week. They are quite different from the ones I had made to date ... they do of course have hand made lace on them.

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Cara said...

Wow! Your postcard makes me want to make one! But I know that when I go inoot my sewing room I will be confronted by the mess of unfinished projects and will have to work one of them to try to make room for postcard-making mess. "What are you making?"
"I'm making a mess."