February 16, 2008

Uluru or "Ayers Rock"

I have been a bit remiss in popping entries on this block this week... It's been a busy one in the studio ... had bobbin orders to paint ... and I have been making some ATC's towards the swap at the Australian Lace Guild AGM week at the end of September. I know it's quite a while away but from April onwards I have to rev up the bobbin painting to get stock ready for Early September etc.... no peace for the wicked! haha.
The pics here are of a piece I did using only one stitch on a painted linen background ... the stitch used was Coral Stitch.
I received my Cyber Fyber ATC in the post yesterday from Susan Lenz ..Yay... have popped it in my folder of ATC's to show off to the gals at the lace groups I go to ...I also posted my postcard and 3 ATC's for the "Random Swap" at Cyber Fyber to Susan
http://www.cyberfyberexhibition.blogspot.com/ yesterday ... I have taken some pics but need to take one of the new ATC then I will pop them on here once Susan has received the little package.... hold that thought.... hehe! :-)
At my Embroidery Group yesterday we decided what theme we would work with this year ... we are already working with the "Experimental" theme (Hence the Play Day last month) and I read out a few suggestions and everyone started yakking about "Countries" and places they have either visited or would like to go and the Cultures there ...so as they seemed so enthusiastic about this theme we decided that would be the way to go. It's up to them if they a) want to participate or b) want to do one piece over the year or a couple etc... I would like to get at least 4 done and the Countries/cultures I am going to do will be Egypt (Ancient), Incas from Peru, Italy (Ancient Rome) and either Ireland (Celtic) or perhaps India or Morocco ... Oh poop! I think there will have to be 5 or 6 smaller projects haha!
Well it's Noggin Time (4pm drinking time according to my friend Margaret who passed away suddenly last July) so off to get a glass of vino ....

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Cara said...

Very nice one-stitch picture.

So...you seem to have more ideas than time? I can relate!

I recently fell off my horse and had some pain medication that robbed me of inspiration. I had more time than ideas. I think some people are like this all the time.